Magic Tricks And Kids A Great Combination

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It’s always enjoyable performing magic tricks for an appreciative audience. Once you get a few magic tricks under your belt, you’ll be hooked on performing your craft because there is something really rewarding when a well executed magic trick leaves your audience in disbelief and applauding all at the same time… and that’s the real magic.

The element of doubt in the mind of your audience is the key to a good magic trick. Just a dab of doubt and you can see the people in your audience start to question their rational… and for that moment the illusion is truly magical.

Being in touch with your audience is the showmanship part of the magic trick and is vitally important. It is also the most fun part as a performer. The look in their eyes, their laughter all make it worthwhile.

When you first start out performing magic tricks, there is a good chance that the bulk of your audiences will be comprised of children. In the eyes of the kids your tricks will truly be magical and the look of the faces and the giggles from the children are a reward like no other.

A child’s imagination and the art of a magic trick are a wonderful combination. A child’s imagination is a wonderful enhancement to any magic trick. It’s that unique and innocent perception of the world that kids have that make performing magic tricks for them all the more rewarding.

Even something as simple as the disappearing coin trick will have kids giggling with joy as you first make the coin disappear then reappear from one of the children’s ears. They’ll love and beg you to do even more with them! And if you can’t get hooked on the innocent reaction of children then you can’t get hooked at all.

The best part about performing magic tricks for kids is that kids just know how to be kids… after all that’s exactly what they are. And magic to kids is just that… magic. I mean… after all… what is the major draw to Disney World for kids… well… Magic Kingdom… of course!

If you are just taking up learning a few magic tricks, an audience full of kids is a great way to get started. And even though you may decide to take your magic tricks to even higher heights, you’ll never have a better audience than a room full of young children.

So don’t worry about starting small… as in kids… you’ll probably find that you’ll always enjoy working your magic with the kids.

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