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As people’s awareness of climate change grows, so does their interest in green energy. It may seem that you as an individual cannot affect the use of fossil fuels and the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But there are actually a lot of small things you can do. Multiply your efforts by thousands of other people doing the same, and it can really make a difference. Here are some tips on what you can do.

First, read information about the new green energy technologies. Some of these can only be used on a large scale by commercial or government enterprises, but it is still good to know about them. One of these energy sources may be considered for development in your area.

Tidal power is a potential way to produce energy that has great promise. It will harness the energy in tidal flow. It is another form of hydropower such as that long used to harness the force of flowing water in rivers and waterfalls. It is essentially free, except for the cost of equipment used to harness it. It avoids the burning of fossil fuels entirely. Ocean tides contain an enormous amount of sustained energy if we can learn to tap into it effectively.

Getting back to the individual, solar power is a practical energy source for almost everyone in at least a small way. Experts say a solar hot water heater is efficient in just about any climate. Many people think you need a large solar array on your roof to get energy from solar. But you can use just a few solar panels to power individual appliances. You do not need to go to great expense and put in a whole house system. If your roof gets a reasonable amount of sunlight, you can put solar technology to use.

You have probably seen windmills on rural lands, especially on range lands out west. These small windmills have been used for close to a century to produce enough power to bring water up from wells and into troughs for cattle to drink from. If you live in California, you have seen gigantic wind turbines by the thousands producing power on a large commercial scale.

But the latest technology is developing something in between: wind turbines that an individual can use to power their home. They cost around 35 thousand dollars, but the costs should come down. You need steady winds on your property to make them viable, of course. But they are another promising alternative energy source that is sustainable and produces no carbon emissions.

Geothermal is another green energy source that has been developed. Like wind or solar, it has limitations due to your location. Geothermal works by a temperature differential. You need a pond or wells on your property. If you have these, geothermal might work very well to produce your home’s power needs, at least for heating and cooling.

This article has explored just a few of the exciting new technologies that can help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Especially if you are building a new home, it is worth your while to consider installing green energy technology from the beginning. Check out these sources and see if one will work for you.

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