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In today’s modern and environmentally conscious society, thousands of people work every year to reduce their energy output, carbon footprints, and overall energy consumption. However, an even greater number of people want to utilize green energy, but do not know where to begin. By following these simple tips, you can start using green energy to your advantage, lowering your environmental impact and putting more money in your pocket.

Start outdoors. Because you are interested in environmentally-friendly energy sources, it is likely you care about the environment to some degree. And so, it is very fitting for you to begin your environmental work outdoors. Outdoor lighting is one of the cheapest and most diverse forms of solar-powered lighting available, and so you should have no trouble finding affordable outdoor lights for along walkways, on patios, or in gardens. Consider installing these, rather than using high-powered porch or deck lights.

If you have the energy, motivation, resources, and money, you can install small turbines on the roof of your home. These are a great way to cut your household energy costs, and are small enough to go unnoticed by many of your neighbors and visitors. As a result, they will not interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your home very much. The small turbines are also quieter than much larger turbines, so they are unlikely to disturb the peace of your home or your neighbors’ houses.

Install small skylights, via skylight tubes or through other similar lighting fixtures in your home. These can brighten rooms incredibly, make a room feel ‘happier’ or ‘lighter’, and do not use any energy while in use. They are particularly handy for covered porches and similar areas where people only tend to go during the day. If that is true of your room, you need not even implement electric lighting in the room at all.

If you have the money and are in need of a new water heater, consider implementing a solar hot-water heating system. This is particularly efficient as most people use their hot water heaters year-round, every day. As a result, one of the biggest and most important energy use areas for people is in their hot water heating units. By taking your water heating off-the-grid, you ensure that you still get hot water, but at a much lower energy cost than your non-solar peers.

Consider using biofuels instead of expensive imported fuels. These can be used for cars, lawnmowers, and other gas-powered engines, so long as you consult with the manufacturer beforehand to ensure biofuels will not damage your engine. Depending on where you live, biofuels may be considerably cheaper than their petroleum-based counterparts.

You can also heat a pool with a solar system quite cheaply. If your pool has a separate heating unit, that can itself be powered by solar energy. However, if your pool lacks a heat system already, you can buy a lightweight solar cover that you can remove whenever you’d like to swim.

Know, before installing any green-energy technology, that many home improvement projects that use green energy make you eligible for significant tax rebates.

When it comes to green energy, taking small steps can be the difference between making a massive impact on your environmental output, or never starting because you don’t know where to begin. By following these simple tips, you can easily begin to utilize green energy in your home.

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