Renewable Energy Sources Explained Briefly

Renewable Free Energy Solutions

Environmental and sustainability concerns over the pollution caused by traditional fossil fuel based methods of energy production have given rise to several methods of energy production. Many people wish to learn about renewable energy, but given the amount of data that is out there on the subject, they become overwhelmed quickly. This article is meant to give you some very basic information on the methods that are now being developed to provide the world with environmentally friendly and renewable energy.

One of the newest forms of renewable energy is tidal power. Tidal power involves the construction of large structure off the coast in areas where there are large tidal movement. These structures raise and fall withe the movement of the tides. Generators inside the structures use magnets, just like the generators in hydro electric dams, that produce electricity as the structures move up and down with the tides.

Solar power is probably the most well known and widely available form of renewable energy. This involves the installation of photo voltaic cells that create electricity when photons of light strike them. These solar panels can be installed in large fields as an energy company might do, or on the roof of your home in small scale.

Wind power generated with windmills installed in large quantities called wind farms. Like with most other forms of electricity generation, the rotation of conductive wire around magnets is what causes electricity to be produced. Wind mills do the rotating easily as they are driven by the wind, and with each rotation of the blade, more energy is generated. These wind mills can be massive or small if you are considering home installation. There is some controversy on wind mills killing bats or birds or involved with the noise they create. These controversies are still being investigated.

Geothermal energy is used primarily to heat and cool your home. Though the surface of the earth has wild temperature fluctuations, beneath the surface, the temperature is pretty constant. Geothermal energy is harnessed by placing a pipe deep into the earth, where the temperature remains at a constant 68 or 70 degrees. Then this pipe is used to pump water into. The water is heated or cooled to seventy odd degrees and then brought up to your home. The water conditions air in your home, warming it to 70 degrees in the winter, and cooling it to 70 degrees in the summer. This allows you to have a constant temperature in your home throughout the year.

Hopefully you now have a very basic understanding of the different forms of renewable energy and are better able to understand what people refer to when the mention one form or another. If renewable energy is something that you are passionate about, there are many sources online to continue your search. You should probably start with your local power company to learn about the projects being constructed in your local area along with what forms are best suited to your locale.

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