Four Organic Options for Owning Your Arthritis

The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Plenty of medications, both over the counter and powerful prescriptions, exist that are targeted at relieving joint pain and assisting in relieving the symptoms of arthritis.

There have been many medical minds and professional whom have spent hours upon hours developing such things, yet it is always the natural ingredients of life that come out helping the patients the most. The tips found here are one of those great solutions and come with a much lower price tag than anything you’ll find at the local pharmacy.

Ginger is among the most accessed and powerful options when it comes to relieve aches and pains in any joint; whether it is from arthritis or a jog that lasted a little too long. The benefits come from the anti-inflammatory, as well as the antibacterial ingredients, which reduce the body’s production of such things as leukotrienes and other similar biological chemicals. Unlike practical medications, there are few side effects aside from bad breath and a poor taste.

Other natural foods are available, that when added to your diet, increase the chances of preventing the inflammation from forming or growing further. Cayenne is one such ingredient, a solution brought to America by those with a little more experience. The skin acts as the applicable area, rather than ingestion. Capsicum, the most powerful acting agent in the cayenne pepper, lends its helping hand is available in plenty of stores across your city.


An often overlooked item, the alfalfa leaf uses a little more than its funny name to help arthritis sufferers deal with their daily pains. The joints aren’t aided via anti-inflammatory agents like with previous options, but rather, it assists the area from swelling. Arthritis is commonly associated with extreme discomfort, but few expect the massive swelling that often occurs when the location of the inflammation is within a commonly pivoted joint, such as the wrist or ankle.

Physical therapy is usually deemed far too drastic to help deal with something as trivial as arthritis, until you’ve actually dealt with the problem. Therapy without harsh, chemical solutions to slow the body’s natural recovery is even better. Take a few garlic cloves to the local gym and start a slow jog on the treadmill or do a few simple aerobic routines to keep the body limber and free of discomfort. The first few weeks might be a little tougher than expected, but all it requires is a stern attitude and conviction for a better you.

As stated above, there are some pretty great remedies already in existence thanks to Mother Earth. When you take the time to walk outside, don’t overreact and eat the dirt, but head to your local grocery store and find out which of the above they offer. If you would like to feel a little more up-to-date, ask around for capsules that contain these same ingredients in concentrated forms. Most commonly, you’ll find garlic pills that help you avoid the nasty taste and harsh breath associated with the clove. If no one can offer you any assistance, read these pages again and try a new approach.

The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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