How to Cope with Arthritis

The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that seems like it can arrive without reason and stay for a lifetime. There seems to be no cure or way to eliminate it forever. Doctors routinely say that it is a lifetime illness and that, if you have it, you simply have to learn to live with it. However, you can live a happy life in spite of arthritis, and this article contains tips for helping that to happen.

First you must commit to living a happy life. Circumstances happen in life and you may not know how to deal with them but you always have at least one choice: to choose to be happy in spite of it all. If you decide that you won’t let arthritis beat you, your focus shifts away from arthritis and toward whatever else you are doing in your life. You have the power to decide what will run your life, arthritis or you.

Next, you must clearly understand your disease. That means you must not just take your doctor’s word for it. Go home and read about arthritis. Read about what is biologically happening in your body. That way, you will understand the reason for the treatments the doctor has prescribed.

Read about the changes that are going to happen in your body and what you may be limited in doing. Knowing what is happening in your body can help you have a deeper understanding of your body, which means you can take better care of yourself. It can also guide you toward a diet that is right for you and an exercise program that will keep you healthy and happy.


You might want to seek out alternative therapy, such as massage and various supplements. Research on your own some supplements that may help you, and then talk to your doctor about how safe they are for you. You will find that some alternative therapies seem to have a better success rate than traditional medicine, but you do need to find out if something is safe before you do it.

Create a list that contains the activities that you are concerned about doing, and figure out ways to keep doing them. You may not be able to do them at the same intensity as before, but you can still do the in some capacity.

Join an online support forum or offline support group. The group can share ideas about what works to decrease arthritis pain. They can also offer support when you feel no one else knows what you’re going through.

Find out what causes flareups by journaling. Keep a journal on everything you are doing, including eating, activities, therapies and medications. That way, you will be able to look back and see what triggers arthritis pain in your body. Then you can eliminate those activities that seem to cause pain.

You don’t have to let arthritis rule your life. If you use the tips in this article and make the changes you need to make, you can have a full life in spite of this illness.

The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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